Sunday, June 2, 2013

Yeh Jawani Hain Deewani : Live your Moment !!

“Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani” is the second attempt at direction by Ayan Mukherjee post his critically acclaimed slice of life movie “Wake Up Sid”. He chooses to tell yet another contemporary story, only this time he adopts a more commercial format on a grand scale, for narration. While the film has its fair share of song and dance drama, to distract you, the film has its poignant moments to captivate you.

The story , juxtaposed between a Rom-Com and Slice of Life genre , offers nothing new in terms of content tohat we haven’t seen in recent times. But to the credit of the director, he manages to still infuse freshness and charm of his own in the movie, with heart rendering moments and sense of realism in his characters. A tale of friendship and love is told over span of 8 years, bringing home the point that it is important to chase dreams but getting the priorities right from time to time.

What works for the film, is the evolution of 4 protagonist in their individual journey, their chemistry with each other and their moments. In those moments, the film manages to create a sense of nostalgia of “Been there, Done that”. The emotional scenes are handled with subtlety and there is no over the top drama or except that one famous cheesy line of female protagonist “Mujhe tum se pyar ho jayega…..phir se”, deliberately added to cash in the real life love story of ex-lovers who also happens to be the lead protagonist. The beautiful locale adds to the romanticism of the movie as much as the silent moments between the protagonists.

At 180 minutes, a film is tad too long, specially the first half post interval. There are few scenes in second half of the film which simply don’t hold strong and just drags the movie. The music and cinematography of the film is first rate, and you have a bonus with a Madhuri Dixit dance number.

But what transcends Yeh Jawani Hain Deewani from a descent film to immensely likeable film, are the performances  and the onscreen chemistry of lead pair Ranbir and Deepika, which varies from tender to smoking hot, duly customized to suit the requirement of the screenplay.

RK as usual is in top form, and gives yet another knockout performance, exuding charm and pathos with ease. Depicting a very believable character, it appealed to me more because I know a person in real life, very similar to the same. Also his dancing skills in “Batameez Dil” needs a speical mention . Known for her freakish, dark and weird roles, Kalki emerge as the sweet surprise of the movie, rising above the character to deliver a very like-able performance. Where Kalki scores, Aditya Roy Kapur, falter and to be fair, his character is also not well written. Farukh Sheikh, as Ranbir’s dad is wonderful, in what can be strictly called a cameo.

But its Deepika who remains the soul  of  the movie –not only she manages to look divine in every frame but  also delivers  one of the most subtle, nuanced performance, with her sublime eyes. Her character lingers in your heart, long after you left the movie hall. The graph of the character is well written. Couple of scenes, when she is about to confess her love, and the poignant moment in the cab, speaks volumes of her growth as an actress.

So if you are yearning for a summer Rom-Com, without exactly looking forward to do a research on the film, it is likely you will end up the liking the film and leave the theatre with a smile. 

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