Sunday, March 22, 2015

Mauka Mauka !!!

Yet another eventful hectic week passed by. Yet another fun weekend is about to end. And here I am one more time, culminating my thoughts to pen down yet another blog. It is irrelevant what is on my mind, what is relevant is that whole of India is all geared up to cheer for the Men in Blue for their semi-final match against Australia next Thursday. Probably the toughest opponent they will face this season. Come to think of it a lot of us were cheering for Pakistan win in the quarters and dreaming to crushing them yet again in the semi-finals. Alas Indian proposed, Australians disposed.  It’s an open secret nothing gives us more high than a win against Pakistan in a cricket match.

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There has been a huge speculation around the Mauka Mauka Ads, which has been a runaway hit this season beside the blockbuster world cup matches. As the chorus grows stronger by the day #Wewontgiveitback, it will be one gripping battle for Dhoni’s men to beat Aussies at their backyard. While we will have to wait and watch, whether India grabs the Mauka and retains the cup, it will be interesting to look back and note our own share of Mauka Mauka as a Nation – also Hits and Misses.

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In a country, where lunches are not free, but opinions are pretty free flowing, discussing politics is as regular as cuppa of tea every day morning. While we celebrated Modi’s victory few months back and lauded it as the biggest Mauka to become world’s largest economy, little did we know that there was long drawn exhaustive battle ahead between Economics and Populism. Worst, our enemies within pose much larger threat than our external enemies. So what we witnessed was a very feudal approach by all political parties to all measures current government proposed including the much debated Land Acquistion Bill. 

The selfish interest of fringe religious groups and Opposition, Media houses with vested interests and occasional self goals by the Ruling party ensured that we are in the news for all wrong reasons – Communal attacks, Conversions, the so-called Bans be it Beef or AIB or the disruption in the Parliament. What is worrisome is as we talk, we have larger issues to address like Farmer suicides and the potential attacks by Lakshar-e-Toiba who are all geared up to repeat 26/11. Only silver lining perhaps was passage of Coal and Mining Bill in this session of Parliament.

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When it comes to double standards, we are unmatched. We raised huge hue and cry over ban on Nirbhaya movie while we completely chose to ignore a fierce less lady called Suzette Gordon because she did not conform to the so-called set standards of an idealistic woman we wish for. Or worse would not give the media right kind of Mauka for TRPs. Suzette Jordon died a lonesome tragic death in one of the hospitals in Kolkata. Women of India can take heart from the cows. At least they would feel loved in this country. For the records, Suzzette was the Park Street Rape survivor who refused to hide her identity and who was not shown any Mamata by her own state government. Thankfully India has not forgotten story of another hero who died last week, IAS officer Ravi under mysterious circumstances. He was fighting against corruption and Land Mafia.  Each time we hear a story like this, we are filled with cynicism whether this country will ever get a real Mauka to become a corruption free nation or a nation which would start treating women as human. Ironical it is then to observe our misplaced priorities, we worship Gods who happens to be women and beat and rape the same women when they happen to be humans.

Talking about priorities, one sneak peak at Twitter and we know how misplaced we are. Be it #AdarshLiberals vs #Bhakts or the regular trolls, we just need one Mauka to score against each other. So it was not at all surprising to see a reply on Virat Kohli’s wall when he praised #NH10 and his lady love Anushka Sharma. On or off social media, we just wait to punch each other. Not only priorities are misplaced, our egos are too. We live in an age where Gadgets are viewed as friends and Emotions as aliens.  Talking about emotions its complex and not always easiest thing to express. So it was extremely heartening to seeing Deepika Padukone coming out and speaking of Depression in details. Goes on to prove irrespective of stature, we all are human. Having experienced the same in my own life, I know how difficult it is to talk about it. Thankfully today we have growing set of people in our society who are open to talk about uncomfortable topics and set up a social platform thus giving Mauka to rest of the people to discuss and engage. Isn't that the true form of democracy we represent rather than a mere ban?

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Talking of ban, we the working class always wish there were bans on Monday. But then if we do not have Monday in our lives, how will we appreciate our Saturday and Sunday. While in Mumbai, a large part of our time, is spent commuting from home to office and vice-versa, often alone lost in thoughts, thankfully I am blessed with a friend who not only generously offers me a ride to office but an awesome DJ in his own rights playing some really cool music amidst the busy streets of Mumbai. Not to forget the ones in office who offers me their share of food when hunger strikes me at odd hours. Talk about humanity, Mauka Mauka J !!!!!!

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

One Night @Mumbai

I truly believe that our life is an aggregation of short stories; each has its tender and memorable moments, few up and down before the dust eventually settles. Probably it’s all about making those moments count.

It was a Friday last year in Mumbai, when my sister had visited me from Singapore and incidentally my best friend and her brother was in town too for some work. Incidentally all of them had planned to stay put at my place. While my friend and her brother were already home, I had to pick up my sister from hotel on my way back from office. Thereon we had planned for a gala evening.

All happy and excited, as scheduled, picked up my sister on way home only to realize that my sister has accidentally dropped her wallet in the cab which had not only her cash and credit cards but also her passport. Panic settled in immediately as we tried to figure out our next actionable. Thankfully my friend first calmed us down and we planned our move. While my sister started calling the call centre to block the card, I and my friend went to trace the cab which we had taken outside a famous hotel. There was an underlying belied and optimism that kept us going. When we were busy in the hotel lobby figuring out the cab, we were in for a pleasant surprise.

The cab driver had called my sister in the international number and informed about the bag. We were completely won over by his gesture and we co-ordinated with him to get the bag. We profusely thanked him and my sister handed over some cash to him though being a gentleman he was reluctant to take his award. I realized in the last three hours, what it meant to be together and fighting out a crisis- Had my friend and her brother not there with us all along supporting in the best possible manner or in a larger universe the cab driver or even the hotel staff, all together made this happy ending possible. That day gave me a great sense of optimism that humanity exists and how.

Once we collected our belongings, there was a huge sigh of relief. It was around ten at night. But then Mumbai is the city that never sleeps. Party had only begun for us. We decided to feed our hungry tummies first – since we all opined to have some local food, we went to a food joint that served Street food as well. Next what followed was our over indulgence in a motley mix of delightful spicy dishes. Each one of us something different and by sharing made it into a grand meal. We all stayed at some point of time in Delhi, hence recalled our old days and its sweet memories while ravishing the Chaat and the Golguppahs.

Our appetite being full, next we headed to a pub nearby to just enjoy good music, let our hair down and dance like there is no tomorrow. Next one hour ensured that we had completely distressed ourselves and was completely in the party mood – clicking crazy pictures, thanks to another couple of friends joining us. We had a gala time and when our feet could barely move, we decided to come out. Out in the open, a nice breeze blowing from the sea side, we could not prevent ourselves from walking down to the Marine drive. The silence of the night perfectly complemented the weather and the best thing that happened post the music. That day I realized, be it moments of joy or crisis, what makes the difference is being together and not being alone. Feeling loved and being cared for. By the time, we headed home in the wee hours of night, the memories of the night was already etched in my mind forever.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

#StartaNewLife : Of Hope and Dreams

Sometimes the boldest decisions of our lives come at a time when we are shattered, hopeless and nothing more to lose – at least in our mind. Such phase came in my life not once but twice – where it appeared to me as point of no return.

First, way back in the early 2000, when despite getting through and successfully completing 2 semesters of my post grads I had to drop out of my studies due to unavoidable situations. Future looked completely bleak. I had almost given up on my life. Never before had I stepped out of my house. But it was now or never. Mind had almost surrendered but heart was ready to give one last fight. Pulled up all my might to study and sat for this exam. Not only cleared the exam and MBA college interview, here I was in the heart of India, its capital Delhi.

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Delhi brought a new enthusiasm with it in my life. I was ready to embrace it. New place, new people and for the first time was experiencing a hostel life – mixed emotion of anxiety and excitement had overwhelmed me. I was stepping into a new life, away from home. For the first time, the protective child in me had to be let gone and independent sensible individual had to step in. Good thing about B Schools is that it gives very limited time for you to think and ponder on. From new classes to ragging to making friends to hostel food to team projects, new life was alive and kicking in full flow. Time just passed by. The biggest asset my stay in Delhi and that education in that campus gave me beside great friendship, was confidence and to face any situation whatsoever. Once I stepped out of that campus 2 years after, there wasn't any looking back.

My second transition was when I made my move to the city of dreams – Bombay, now Mumbai. It was that point of life, when pessimism was back in my life – even as I kept wondering where I went wrong in my efforts that rewards stayed away from me. Angry, hurt and disillusioned – I would have none. No logic, no counselling could help my cause. The office where I shared so many good moments had turned into a mess for me overnight. All I knew was that it was point of no return for me and I just could not go back to that office and its people any more.

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A new city and new life was ready to embrace me. My close friends were left behind. Honestly did not know, if I was happy or sad. Just went with the flow hoping life had saved the best for me. Found a new home and nice people. Missed my old life but probably it was the hope of something fruitful something better kept me going. It’s been 5 monsoons since then in Mumbai – the rains, the heat, the traffic, the crowd and the pace; everything has been part of me and I, a part of it. Inseparable.

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