Sunday, May 3, 2015

Book Review : Ramayana ::: The Game of Life::: Shattered Dreams

Book: Ramayana::The Game of Life - Shattered Dreams
Author: Shubha Vyas
Publishing House: Jaico
Genre: Mythology
Price : Rs. 350

Story: This book is a sequel to Rise of the Sun Prince and  extensively covers the phase of Rama’s life when he was readying to be coronet-ed as king of Ayodha to his exile for 14 years and first phase of its journey in the forest. True to the title, the story unfolds the untold moments of the incidents that happens behind the exile of Rama, reactions of various sects of people within and outside the palace, and eventually covers the first phase of Rama’s exile along with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman.

Synopsis: The book extensively captures each and every moment of the drama that had unfolded, right from Kayeki’s change of heart to the dilemma of a king torn between love for son and vow to his wife, to pain of a grieved mother , to anger of a brother and finally love of a wife for her husband. And most importantly it gives you an insight to Rama’s mind and his thought process. Another unique aspect about the book is the annexure that forms part of the chapter informing reader’s relevance and meaning of various words/context used in the story. The book also captures the critical stories of the past that had a bearing on the present and future of King Dasaratha's life thus providing the readers the context to understand the proceedings better.

The language of the book is simple and lucid making it easy for readers to understand. The book is vivid in terms of details and captures the finer nuances of the gripping drama and at the same time gives insight to larger picture about life and its predicaments. It teaches important lesson of how one should conduct at moment of crisis and everything in life happens for a reason.

Final Take: If you are have interest in mythology or history, this book is the one you will likely to enjoy and at the same time make you knowledgeable.

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