Monday, August 17, 2009

W3: What Women Want

Well as I always wondered what would the most challenging thing or element in this world to know or explore : And it came to my mind nothing can be more exciting than trying to read through the mind of a woman. Well I have been fortunate to interact with quite a few of them and all diverse within themselves.

First myth that Guys have is that they understand girls. And the Fatal Myth: Guys feel that some day they will able to grasp their mind completely. Sorry boss: " Hum honge Kamayab..ek din" dosnt work here !! Well India is divided into multiple religions and God only knows how many caste, creed but all girls in India, irrespective of geography, religion, caste, creed, education, nature, profession shares a common dream : “Raj” the eternal romantic hero that will come in their lives one day, and sweep them off to the stars. Well DDLJ that created “Raj” is not a cult film because it is the longest running film till date but it empowered even a simple Indian girl power to dream and choose. Unfortunately, the “quintessential Indian Male” although adopted the glamour of Raj but never got into the “soul” of Raj, what women wanted…..All though I agree that there can be exceptional exceptions. And then there is SRK, the global Indian selling dreams...

Well “love” adds a little magic to our lives…..well so when you are in love, never wait too long…because girls know you are in love with them even before you know about your own feelings….And a lil birdie has also told me that in all eras, girls want guys to come forth and propose themselves. Now here is the catch: From here the task gets cut out for guys…girls love unpredictability in guys. Guys should have the talent to surprise them in different ways each time…be it your wit or your joke or your silent blushing…….in short you need to do something to give them a chance to say: “ How cuuuuuuuuuute…” and seeing them say that so cutely your heart just miss a beat and make you fall in love with her again……and make you say that three letter word which the girls love to hear time and again….till infinity:)

But what beats their love for golguppahs...the expression at the sight of them is sheer rush of adrenalin...and make you wonder what those round shaped "Atta ka Golas" have that you dont have to bring a million dollar smile in their faces.....Keep thinking but we will never know!!

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