Saturday, August 22, 2009

Living Life...On the Edge

Well I must confess-most part of my lives, I have lived it on edge, be it catching a train or flight or completing my studies for exams or assignments/projects in B school. While most of the times it is not intended, but just naturally happens to me….and to add up, there are minor hurdles happening just to add up to the thrilling climax of every episode. And luckily for me each time by grace of God I have managed to be not in time, but just in time or just made it.

And I must each time I have this angel…mostly in form of my cousin Tj, who either books my ticker at odd hrs or supply with PNR no at midnight when I realize I am in train without a copy of ticket, and averts the disaster. In college days it used to my B-school buddies who used to protect me.

Sometimes success can spoil your habits and I learnt it the hard way, on Friday. I had a flight to catch from New Delhi to Kolkata..Thanks to my nephew who will inaugurate his staple diet that’s rice or more precisely as famously called “Anna prasan” by my hand. True to my self, I was busy closing my day’s work at office despite my colleagues several attempts to pursue me to start my journey to airport as clouds were meandering large nearby…..unwary of such things, my risk appetite allowed me to continue to work at little longer till 4:15 pm when finally I proposed to move.

Well as it is said, man proposes and God disposes….And God disposed an immaculate amount of shower well clubbed with gutsy wind…which left me and people around blitzy-gritzy. Well I have had experiences of hurdles but hurdle of this magnitude was unimagined in my wildest dream. However my dreams of catching the flight at 6:45 pm were still in my eyes…and finally at 5:20 pm I managed a cab and set for the journey. Thanks to my roommate who escorted me from my office to the residence where cab was waiting. I was confident flight would be delayed and I will make it anyhow as I have literally adopted the dialogue “ Acche logo ke saath accha hota hai” in my and my close ones life.

While the beginning was promising, moment I reached Pragati Maidan, things started looking gloomy. Traffic all around and water logging…I still was hopeful. After painful crawling, the cab reached ITO…and that’s it….All hopes shattered. I was in middle of a mess... And what was set to be a thrilling climax and turned out to be a so bloody one-sided anti-climax. I was stuck there in the heart of Delhi for good 4 hrs….Flight was long in the distant heights without me. And I who had watched in news or paper of this kind of traffic massacre was witnessing the same at the cost of my wallet and painfully sitting in the cab, loaded with wet clothes and gladder.

But there are some guardian angels in the city in form of Vikram and Venus, my new acquisitions in friendship, who gave me not only shelter but served amazing food for dinner. Thankfully I managed a ticket next day early morning..

And at this point writing this blog, on a well spent evening with my cousin and close friends followed by some delicious delicacies by Ma dearest . But the chai at the Bhawanipore Gurdwara refreshed my day and mind….now eagerly waiting to meet my nephew and niece tomorrow. All you people out there must try out the tea at tht juncture and today only learnt they serve Thumbs Up with Milk….Dangerously Attractive..time to again live on the edge..Guardian Angels be prepared!!!

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