Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wake up the "Sid" in us

After watching Wake up Sid, I felt good. Actually very good. I felt like calling up my close friends or friend whom have not spoken for a long time. Was wondering, we watch movie each week, what the movie possessed that touched my emotional chord so deeply. Well must tell you, that we bunch of insane people( read Vikram, Sagar, Venus, Geetu, myself and our Ruby Bhaujai) went to watch the movie and the movie left us so elated that we continued the tempo of fun for some time. And unfortunately our victim became the staff and other visitors of CCD. We lost all sanity when six of us attacked on that plate carrying single brownie with vanilla ice-cream. Our weapons fork plunged into the brownie and within no time, we gulped it all and ordered for another. By the time second brownie had come, we had shed all our inhibitions and attacked the same with more vigor. It was mini battle of sorts to get the share of that delicious pie. While I am sure other people would have found us jokey bafoons, we enjoyed at our own expense least bothered about the rest of the world. That moment I realized that even a simple moment like that can make into the beautiful collection of picturesque moments. But you need to have the spirit to enjoy the same. That moment I realized what Wake up Sid did to us that night—it made our spirits go free. How? By awaking the child like, innocent, unadulterous, selfless Sid in us which cares a damn about perfection, and lives in his own tune. Ultimately the movie was about living the moments, whether it was Sid's innovation of posing a bunch of bread with a candle as a birthday cake or our long drive at 3 am at night to a village...each having its own thrills and joy!!

Wake up Sid was also about identifying our talents. What we like doing and pursuing those. Often we are good at something but we are ready to for-go the same to chase something else and make it our career and convince ourselves we are happy at that. And then it needs probably a friend or a Ayesha to come and tell you, that you would be very good at a particular thing. Truth is stranger than fiction that is why we don’t believe in our talents and while others do. I have promised to myself that I will pursue my dreams along while with my career that happened to me. Thanks to my Study Buddies for reminding me the same.

Irrespective of who we are, what we are we all love to be loved, cuddled and constantly seeking compassion without a reason. The movie attempts to stir that emotion rigorously in us and manages beautifully. Even a simple hug can be so endearing in life, when you really need, you will never know unless you have those bunch of special friends in life, to die for. That night, I missed my school, MBA and my Guwahati friends who has had been a defining support in my life and of course, I missed having that special one by my side. It may be just another movie, but it touched my soul.

If you are reading this, I would like to re-iterate what the movie says “Fulfilling a dream is satisfying only when you have someone worthwhile to share with”.I wondered whether eating that brownie in the CCD tht night still would have been so memorable, if Venus would not have shared it, or Vikram would not have tried to rob it. Perhaps not !!! Memories are made by near and dear please go and give the special person a hug and make him or her realize that the person is special for you. And never let the Sid in you die, as a little bit of imperfectness is perfect for our lives…..

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