Thursday, September 17, 2009

Three Beautiful People

Beautiful people are rare to meet and I was lucky to meet three of them and interact for a period of 2 years and got connected to the life time friendship card with them. When I use the word beautiful, it is in the context that each one of them had a unique way of looking at the world, which I found bful besides the fact they were each gorgeous in their own ways. Each left a indelible impression, which has helped me groom in a better way, I am today and I would like to thank all three of them,I never had an opportunity to, for being just there for me.

First and foremost, would talk about the friend who and me connect with what aesthetically people call : values. We almost have a similar outlook towards life and people, just that I am a little more hyper and she is a little more calm. She is not a bong, but her name means artist in our language. Yes thats right, Shilpee. Well I must admit, when I met her, I particularly didn't think highly of her, not that I do now, but its just that, we are just too addicted to each other's company. Anyways coming to our first day on interaction, was particularly amusing since Miss Late( she was always good 5 min late for classes, we wondered whether she took so much time to comb her long hair)..well I must say she had a really long hair like Rapunzel). So by default of being late, she had to sit beside me in first bench. Ten min into that account class, two strangers were forced to communicate to each other, thanks to boredom the professor generated.....through chits, which became a rage in class room communication. Poetry, Odes, sorry, thank you all became part of those chits and the thrill of passing them was unimaginably attractive and anticipating the replies. And also it promised to begin a new friendship. Cool, composure and grace are three qualities which she displays in testing times, is what I endorsed from her. You know I have said this before but she is God send angel to the souls who get lost in this world like me and she has tend to give me direction each time. Only once I was really angry on her till date, the day she cut her bful long hair to turn into curly Maggie noddles( she supposed perceived as style).Its 6 years from that classroom desk to this day, in this endearing journey of joy and tears, nothing has changed beside the fact that we have become best friends.

Cut to the second girl I would talk abt. Calling her a girl would be sort of misnomer..She is a hurricane of sort. She is one, who is upright and dares all( she can send anyone to ICU with her acts, ask a few in our college): I was completely taken aback by the energy she displays...If in one sentence I have to describe, she is a free spirit whom no one should cage ever. She's outspoken and speaks her mind..she's never politically correct and a few who takes stands and not boringly diplomatic. Well there is a flip side too..she often acts impulsively just like me and can shock people with her unconventional revelations. She works on a simple but cool philosophy: If you cant keep yourself happy you cannot keep anybody else happy. I never believed in the same but I feel this is the biggest truth in life which we fail to acknowledge. People would call this selfish but she gives me a counter logic :we have just one life to lead and we cant waste it for anyone and anything. She has this uncanny quality of magnet any one that comes across her cant but get charmed by her. But inside this exuberance, lies a girl, who just ones to live and let live. They say truth is stranger than fiction and the fact that we are friends is a testimonial to that. We have had fights but we have proved to people, that bond of friendship is beyond everything else. She is truly a brand ambassador for all those girl, who dreams and aims high because while flying high, she has never forgotten her roots. By now I know you have guessed it right—its one and only Sonia!!

Some friendships happen because it is destined to happen: One such happened to me also. Payal.Well this is one friend, who owes lots of thanks for several reasons, and I haven’t even thanked once...She is the one who brought out in me the writer, an art I never knew I had, so that fact that I am blogging attributes to her only. She is one rare of talent , whether anchoring, painting or studies.....while others enjoyed and had fun, she stayed focused in her work. She has inspired me, encouraged me when I am down,and have helped worked towards success. I still remember the day, first semester results were announced the joy in her face on being one of the toppers and not anticipating it was worth a watch. Fact that we had different set of friends helped to share something different. Her willingness to help others is something special. Two things that I will always remember abt her is her dream to set up a orphanage some day and her smile, which had the radiance to bring brightness in other’s life. Well only thing, I would like to say her is : Thank you.

In fact, I have learnt to understand people and perspectives better because of these special people….you have to be lucky to get such friends who are much more than just another pretty face!!

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