Friday, March 5, 2010

Send me luv.....

Someday I will walk the aisle,
I have been dreaming this for quite a while,
Yet something stops me from thinking beyond..
As if something more awaits for me in this world.

Friends, Foes I have seen it all,
Sporadic love, instinct hatred had a great fall,
Few stayed by, Few I opted out,
Always wanted to be just me in this human clout.

Some people took my breath away,
to their tune made me sway,
I was happy without a reason,
they made me feel free from this prison.

I still remember the smiles,
Vivacious, loaded with energy
Made me Flyyyyyyyyyyy.....
My heart beats reached a new high.

In the blank piece of mind,
Would have thought thousand times I loved her,
Yet not once could sketch her in the canvas of my heart,
Her imagery got lost somewhere in this waging heart and mind war.

Have to cross the Noah's arc, and set a new mark........
Embark upon a new journey, full of uncertainty
Mind and Heart are in tandem arising a internal mutiny,
My silence trying to buy peace, telling them it is a mutual destiny.

Now that I am settled, raring to go,
Look back, surprised to see all friends and no foe,
So little time and so many buddy,
Emotional, nostalgic reminding myself to be steady,
I need to carry the candle of love and the smile,
Irrespective of religion,caste,creed...whomever I touch upon,
try to kindle the magic of humanity in their lives for that while,
If they ask me,from where I have possessed the wealth of love,
I will tell them, its all the treasures of beautiful people, I know.


  1. Lovely is the content as you are,
    Touching every human heart..
    May you have only friends & no foes ever,
    But your 'Best friend' would only be I always....