Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Love 1 Down.....

Here she goes again. Fourth peg of rum down. Shreya could hardly open her eyes but never the less she was enjoying. Music was lucid in the background, she didn’t care much. One could imagine her state of mind, after four pegs down; she was almost there in cloud nine. She drowsily looked at her boyfriend and smiled. Her boyfriend smiled back, who was equally drunk. They were a stand-out couple in their own sense because their romance took a new high when they were drunk. Shreya was drowned in alcohol but her eyes were intoxicated by love. Love for Ronav, who has changed her life. She is quite an individual on her own- self dependent, go-getter, a very confident it-girl. Until she fall in love. Born out of Bong and Assamese parents, she definitely has a few North-eastern traits, making her quite a sharp, cute-looker and add to that the personality makes her a class of her own. Love has made her quite an insecure being, especially this being her first relationship. She slowly pulled the high-tool she was sitting in, near Ronav, put her two hands around his shoulder, and drew her face close to him. The smell of the musk was strong; it gave her a new high. Shreya looked at Ronav, and said “Baby, you love me na.”. Ronav gently caressed her hair, drew her closer, and then straight looked straight into her eyes, “Of course, I love you very much Ana”

The orchids were the only bright thing, apart from her, in that room of Jaslok Hospital. Aahana was staring blankly at the window panes which was battering against strong winds and gushing rain. She wished they survive, as she has. Her face looked pale yet the accident has not managed to take away the inherent herself. Her eyes still looked beautiful and had a story to tell, waiting for someone to read. Her mom was standing behind her curtains, perplexed. Although she was assured about recovery of Roo (as they lovingly call her), her heart sensed the bigger storm that awaits in their daughter’s life.

That one word of Ronav was enough, to bring Shreya from her beautiful dream to reality. Her anger knew no bounds, she simply picked up the wine glass and threw the remnants of the glass on Ronav’s face and walked off, from her own apartment. She failed to understand where she failed in these three years of relationship. Ronav was in a shock, not due to Shreya’s reaction but his statement. “What the f***” he thought, “Three years man…Damn!!!!” He needed to reassure himself that he loved Shreya, and that all is well. Whatever he said was just a fluke and of course its alcohol. It wasn’t he who said that forbidden word ”Ana ”. Ronav being a business consultant has fixed bigger issues in workplace, this seems to be so much simpler to fix yet he is still trying.

Aahana looked anxiously all around. Her mother could read her eyes on what or rather whom she was searching. She didn’t have an answer to the questions her eyes posed. Doctor has informed that Aahana is suffering from partial amnesia, due to the near fatal accident, her memory refuses to remember any incident that happened in last 5 years. She remembers her parents, her graduation day, her first day at job, her love Ronav but not her break-up with him. It is always so difficult to break bad news to her daughter, let alone her loss of memory or her break-up that happened 3 years back. Doctors have strictly advised not to put her under any stress and recovery of memory will be natural, if at all it happens.

Shreya left the building and started walking down. Tears were in abundance, threatened to wipe off her mascara…she cared a damn. It was almost mid-night, and she knew it was not at all safe around that time, in Dwarka. Ronav chased her down. He pleaded his innocence but she won’t have any. Seeds of doubt were already planted. Ronav has been completely transparent about his past relationship to her and apparently has not met his ex for last 3 years. Shreya wondered why she feels so helpless when it is her relationship, when she has quashed off her any competitors potential or otherwise in her professional life, just like that. But she was determined to win over this riddle called Aahana, which still loomed large on her relationship. It took couple of hours, 1 slap, 2 songs, 1 ice-cream and 1 kiss to do the trick. Shreya was smiling again. Little did they know, life is one wicked game, waiting to take them for one big adventure that could change their destiny…………………..

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  1. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is the only word i can hink of after reading this...u like just like a pro...plzz do publish a book, today is the world of New Age Authors!!!