Friday, September 10, 2010

Festival and Human Relations

As India transcends into double celebration mode - Eid and Ganesh Chaturthi, its happy times specially out here in Mumbai, both are big festivals. And Indo-Pak jodi reaching finals of US open,wonder if it is just a sweet personally the energy that evloves in the festivals. Basically faith in god manages to bring the best in human spirit and we, thankfully get a chance to celebrate our unity of humanity ...Food, Music, Dance forms core, while we tend to mingle with everyone during these events, such is the magic!!

Wish our personal relationships were simple too....but they always hang in the thin air ...leaving us to do the fine balancing act. And with time, it sometimes gets complicated. We often wonder why we cant related to the person,way we used to few years back . Why do equation changes....and then are there some instances the chemistry growing stronger with time. Probably subconsciously, we are evaluating our life all the time and relations becomes subject to relativity. Ageing is a natural progression, so is probably consolidation in personal relationships. Consolidation here essentially means that we need to let go some people from our lives not because they are not important- but bcoz they are very important and we want to remember them always with a smile.

And these days of course social networking has become a big arena in our personal lives – in fact we give access to information privy to ourselves, to the world though status updates. Sub-consciously our human mind, always seek feedback and thats where facebook and its entire world of comment acts as an stimulus addendum. Sometime we love, sometimes we hate these comments but definitely we do not ignore. Thats the risk we carry while exposing ourselves to social networking site, we kind of give license to people to write anything and everything about us. Personally, I will tend to block a person if he tries to cross the fine line of self respect- however easier said than done , as the nastiest remarks often come from the closest ones who are empowered naturally to make a bigger impact on you. Otherwise its fun..and best part is you get to know so many people and their random yet wonderful thoughts. Honest mostly!!!!

Was really looking forward to this weekend- Had a boys night out yesterday and with Praveen and Ankit, unlimited quantum of laughter guaranteed, its so true old friends are really gold.... looking forward to a rocking weekend with lunch at close friends place , watching the much-hyped Dabbang, for the entertainment it promises to offer, happily play games and make Balu scowl, whenever I win...Life has changed quite a bit after coming to Mumbai......have let go some emotions and relations, accepted a few change in equations....Choices we make are never easy but it is important to make one , to take us forward. Thankfully, few choices God has made for us, so whenever get lost in life, my cousin is just a ping away.....

We should never ever fear to make a choice and let ever anyone to make us so vunerable that we start losing ourselves. And most importantly do things, which keeps us happy!!!

Happy Weekend ...keep rocking!!!!! All izz Well:-)

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