Saturday, October 18, 2014

Diwali : Unforgettable Moments of Joy !!!

In India, due to cultural diversity, we celebrate many festivals in different parts of India, but probably Diwali is the mother of all festivals – which is celebrated across India, from Kashmir to Kanya Kumari – everyone loves to celebrate this festival with family and friends. Perhaps family is the most essential part of celebrating Diwali, because the reason why it is celebrated –  it marks the return of Lord Ram to his family in Ayodhya after 14 years of exile and the entire Ayodha like a one bug family lights up the city to welcome their king back. So in a way family symbolises the spirit of #GharwaliDiwali. A lot of things make Diwali, truly unique and has every year leave us an indelible bunch of memories.

Light is one of the most unique aspects of Diwali – the home, the streets and every nook and corner is lighted during this festival – by candles and Diyas – it symbolises the removal of darkness from our lives and welcoming happiness. The most vivid memory as a child always have been to light these Diyas with Mom, around the house and watching them glow. There would be sense of piousness around the house. Also as kids, we would color those diyas with our paint brushes and feel happy about it.

Along with light, it is the festival of colors – the famous and beautiful Rangoli. Watching your mother and sister making the multi-colored Rangoli is joy and you too indulge some colors into it. And then placing the diya carefully amidst the same and taking a snap is almost a ritual. And then in the evening quietly sitting with the entire family to pray together to Devi Lakshmi for peace and prosperity.

However there is much more fun attached to Diwali – and that engages shopping of new clothes and of course Crackers. As a child, it was the most anticipated moments to go and buy crackers from the market with Dad and then wait in the evening for wearing new dresses and then to burn the crackers The excitement around is always immense. Especially when your brother/sisters or close friends of your age group are around, it’s so much more fun to burn the crackers together.

And of course in India, any festival is incomplete without food and specially sweets. My weak spot has always been the Laddu of any form – especially the ones which are home-made especially in desi ghee. Over the years, as we have to stay away from home, due to our job, we have started appreciating the value of home food more and more, and hence whenever we are at home due to Diwali we make most of it. Apart of sweets, a lot of Namkeens are made or bought, as generally people invite guests for evening or dinner. Generally the best of the variety is cooked for the day.

In India, Diwali also marks the new-year for Business family and they start fresh accounts, as Lakshmi puja is done that day, who is known to be the God of Prosperity. Hence considering this as pious day to earn, a lot of houses organize poker parties and invite friends to play over.

Each house celebrate this occasion in a unique way but what’s common be it my family or anyone else- is the togetherness of the family members and the loved one, who come together to celebrate moments of joy. There may be people who has to stay away from family and their dear ones – my advice for them –look around, I am sure there would be people around who would be there ready to make you part of their extend family happily and make your moment special. And that is so special about India – we always find our closed ones even outside our family.

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