Sunday, October 19, 2014

Source of Happiness : A Healthy and Smiling Kid !!!!!

When a seed is first sowed, lot of care needs to be taken, to ensure that adequate amount of water is given, and subsequently it is exposed to right amount of sunlight daily so that the seed one day grows up to being a strong plant or a tree. The strength of that tree or plant lies in its base or roots. A child is also like that seed, which needs to be nurtured properly so that he emerges as the strength of the family – and primarily that nurturing has to happen around his or her health. It has to be ensured that the child gets proper environment, food and care to get a natural and balanced growth physically and mentally.

We all are individually, doting parents or siblings, want to take that special care of the child in our family because somehow our happiness revolves around them. The basic reason why we want the child to be healthy because when he or she is healthy –running around, playing and doing his/her activities – it means you have a happy and smiling child around – and nothing more joyful for anyone of us than sight of the child growing happily in front of our own eyes

It is indeed a big challenge to keep the child healthy in the growing years because they by their own are not quite aware about the right or wrong. Also the habits the child inculcate during the growing days are likely to stay with them. For example washing hands before eating food, having food in time, take bath everyday are some basic habits that can take keep the child healthy. These days children are exposed to so many outside foods especially junk food one needs to be extra careful. No one likes a child suffering from stomach pain (one of the common things) that is a likely occurrence. If a child is sick, one should observe the dog in the family; even they become inactive and lies in the corner. That’s the kind of pseudo magnetic effect the child has on the environment around.

If a child is not healthy, he is generally low on energy and tends to be stressed or tired; suddenly he loses interest in activities, some time lose appetite for hunger, which in turn stresses out the parents and other seniors in the family. In the process we have a worrying parents and the happiness of the family goes for a toss, especially we Indians where we are such doting parents, uncle, aunties or grandparents.

A proper healthy child ensures that there is a happy environment in the family, nobody is stressed. Also state of mind is very important for the growth of the child and at the end of the day all of us work hard to ensure that we can do maximum for our kids, give them a life that they can enjoy and grow with stability – and health is the fulcrum of everything. Healthy kid makes a happy kid and in turn brings joy for the parents and overall makes a happy family. After all, in every child it is said God resides and we want to see our God happy, so that we can sleep peacefully at night.    

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