Saturday, November 29, 2014

Ab Montu Bolega : Our India, Clean India !!!!

Dear Responsible Citizens and Govt Officials of India,

The decision has been made. Our Honourable Prime Minister has given the wake up call.  The choice is ours – whether we want to be part of it or choose to abstain like always – It’s now or never. Yes you guys guessed it right – Bharat Swachh Mission.

There is an old saying that charity begins at home. Can we then pledge to ourselves to keep our homes clean – use dustbins at home or accumulate all the garbage stuff/dirt at one place and systematically throw the same whether at nearby dustbin or hand over the same to the people who come to collect garbage and throw away casually at a nearly neighbourhood place. By doing the same we are knowingly harming spread disease. The Municipal officials too have a role to play here – by ensuring there is a systematic way of regular collection of garbage and disposal of the same. Policy on Recycling of Waste is something which there is Government intervention required, but that another topic we may choose to keep for another day.

Let’s now move out of our homes, to our nearby public places – Park, School, Colleges, Religious places like Temple or Mosque, Movie Halls, Historical places – there is a consolidated effort required here from all of us to keep the places clean, particularly the places where kids go. If the kids will inhale dust and other unhygienic stuff, how on earth will our next generation grow healthy? Hence it is of paramount importance that these places are cleaned on a regular basis, dustbins are placed at every nook and corners of the public places, distinctly identified for use. 

Another major issue in India is how we treat our roads, fields, railway tracks as our private backyard. Littering them and using them as toilet (though one may dispute the alternative available) has to be stopped by all means. Building Toilets is one of the most critical matters of intervention and this has to be done by Govt as well as the Corporate through their CSR model. However as citizens of India, we too need to change our habits and make best use of situation. Instead of littering everywhere we need to find places to dump garbage in an organized way.

The next big issue is the way we use our river as favourite dumping spot in name of religion. The river is one of important natural resource and even more in a country like ours, where we are largely an agrarian economy. This is the most complex job to be done because along with us, industrial garbage too gets dumped in the rivers, which further pollutes them. It is a viscous circle and there has to be a serious focus and rethinking to be done.

There are plenty of issue to be addressed but we need to start step by step towards that direction. #AbMontuBolega is such a campaign, initiated by Strepsils which promotes to raise your voice for the right and against the wrong, because it’s now or never. The campaign in its first phase focuses on #SwachBharat and encourages citizen to participate in the same. To know more about the campaign, pl visit: or you can visit them at Facebook : and follow them at Twitter handle :

Clean India has to be a habit instead of one time activity. This has to be part of values and cultural system – and to make it work, let’s all join hands in a Citizen-Govt Partnership and make it happens. The buck stops here – with all of us.


A Citizen of India

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