Saturday, November 8, 2014

Gone Girl : Brilliantly Disturbing !!!!

Gone Girl is an unusual take on married life of an estranged couple and incidents thereon. The story unfolds in a thriller format, when one fine morning, the wife is found missing under mysterious circumstances. As investigation starts in anticipation of a potential murder, startling facts gets revealed one after another with a grand twist during the interval. But it is the second half of the film that hits you psychologically. Some of the scenes are so raw, that it keeps you at the edge of the seat, dreading to anticipate what would happen next. The film's ending is perhaps one of the most ironic endings that have been ever meted out and one can’t stop thinking whose karma it was anyways. 

The film travels between present and past, as it unfolds tale of the couple and their journey- from how they met to how they put up a perfect pretense to keep their marriage going, even when skeletons kept peeping out now and then. While probably a lot of modern tale couple will identify, the similarities end here. What happens next, is what takes the audience off the hook.
The film has been brilliantly shot and its crisp editing ensures that the suspense drama never goes off the hook. The film explores complicated relationship between married couple, twin siblings, child-parent and of course lovers. The film doesn't use background music instead uses sometimes silence and sometimes natural background noise to give it a desired effect. In several places, the director has used body language and sound effectively as medium of communication in important sequences.

The characters of the film are complex and layered, so much so that the darkness of one of the protagonist can actually make you feel sick. The psychological effect on the audience is paramount. The gentle cat in the house, who is almost a silent observer, is then almost a symbolic paradox, given the wildness around. The intimate scenes of the movie are shot with minimum nudity and rest has been edited out by Indian censor board. The film also occasionally springs up with unintended humor at the weird situation of the male protagonist. 

Loosely based on Gillian Flynn’s best-selling novel, David Fincher delivers an ace with Gone Girl. Superbly directed and acted by all characters, the real hero of the movie is the riveting screenplay which not just engrosses you and by the end of it almost engulfs you with its unnerving raw power. Yet another book that makes into great cinema. Wish Indian Cinema pick up some cues from it.

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