Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Heroes

Sajde ki yeh hai laakhon, laakhon duyaein maangi, paaya hain maine phir tujhe…..chahat ki teri maine, haq mein hawayein maangi, payan hai maine phir tujhe, tujhse hi dil yeh behla, tu jaise kalma pehla,chahoon kyun na tujhko, jis pal na chaha tujhko, uss pal sajayein maangi paaya hain maine tujhe ….

As I listen to this song, I feel like singing this song to some heroes in my life --- None of these people are not geographically close to me but they are very very close to my heart. Their names are not important but what they stand for in life are extremely important for me. They are crazy in their own way, what is common between them they come across with simple philosophies in what they believe and their heart is full of love…some of them can express, some stay silent. These are extra-ordinary in their own way….they inspire me.

What will you say to the girl, who got destroyed in love…..yet she believes in her love unconditionally come what may. World advises her one thing…and she believes completely different thing….no power, no evil can stop her from believing what she believes—power of true love can overcome any thing…she cries, she laughs she is ready to face any situation, the glow in her face and optimism in her eyes inspires her and me, and gives me hope to re-instate belief in myself. She doesn’t want anyone to tell her she is beautiful, she knows she is. If ever any one falls in love with me, be it like her…….gutsy and mad in love.

And then there is this lady, I am yet to see a more graceful person than her. She speaks little but her eyes speaks volumes— She was never demanding, all she wanted to make the life of the person, she loves—happy, very happy. Some times love makes you handicapped, that’s what happened to her: her love is nothing short of devotion. People worships God, she worshipped her love. She was always misunderstood, some stood tall on her, some hid behind her…but all she wanted someone to stand beside her, holding her hand. And she confronted every storm—with silence. How many tears has her eyes oozed in silence, even God will not will be able to answer. And they were priceless……and she continues loving, as she protects carefully her soul and self respect, with a belief that one day every one in her life will understand and stand with her. Amen. If I had to die for someone, be it her………

I don’t believe the relationships that are the strongest are blood relatives—but with this one I have to contradict myself. He is part of my family—probably bcoz God wanted me to feel special. He has an unsual aura, has that special power to spread happiness…..he around you don’t know how time flies by. His heart is that of young kid, wanting for attention, and craving for love 24/7. He wants you to love everything that he loves---what he loves, he loves like crazy. I am yet to see a guy who loved a girl so much and yet lost in love. For him, love was his world….and his journey from this lover boy to a responsible individual, working hard in an unknown country, devoid of his own people, just for his family is truly amazing. ….I cant see him smile today, but just wish his smile never goes, which ever part of the world he is…..I know for the fact that love was his weakness some day which he has made his strength today….Be happy always!! If I ever feel paternal, its bcoz of him—he may have born to some other parents, but I know he is my kid…God has told me.

People say that God cannot be everywhere that’s why there are friends….how true. This person, I met when probably I was the most lonely soul on earth, away from parents and friends. He taught me to live life simple and uncomplicated—fun, frolic and each moment to the fullest. He made me experience the incredible madness…I don’t remember single moment when we were ever sad and depressed, in his company. Yet I know—he was devoid of love, he lost his dad when young and stayed away in boarding from family…..but he never swayed…He understands relationship yet pretends he does not…whenever he does not want to answer instead he smiles loud….we call him jungle boy, he makes strange noises and faces, to make us happy. And he tells me he wants to serve people in different countries—he is ready to give his high-salaried job to become a volunteer for unknown people. It makes me wonder, what elements are these people made of—just one wish to God, he is a very precious friend of mine..let me lose him never.

I dont know her well… yet every time she enlightens the social networking site with her status update, it gives me goosebumps. She talks simple things about relationships— yet they makes so much sense to me. It seems she loved someone deeply, her inner self writhed with the pain, yet talks about commitment and love…the colours of her statements paints the site with heart-red. She is out there to live her unconventional dreams, beyond the regular life…her energy and her love for music is infectious……..her eyes reflects hope and life , and she represents tomorrow!!!! She gives me hope to live another day, fall in love….

And of course I want to sing this song for Bombay and its people. Goodness of this city has embraced me once more. When I was ill, the bai at my house took care of me , got me medicines…when I was alone on the road, drenched in rain, a stranger dropped me home…….they all are my heroes. And I am sure there are many outside in the world, as to become a hero you don’t need might but heart full of love to conquer the world. Amen.


  1. I wish millions of more join the league soon.....This handicapped world needs Heroes!
    luved every word of the post!...specially second last para..:P