Monday, July 19, 2010

Living a Beautiful Dream.... come to my city
some times lashing down with a fury,
flooding down the street...
some times sprinkling gently from the sky,
kissing softly my feet........
I am with you rain out there always.....
to face your wrath when you are angry,
and to dance with you when you are happy,
you love me ,and keep coming,
speak to my eyes in the day,
whisper in my ears in the night.

Somewhere,some one is smiling,seeing the poor me,
A bundle of errors and wrong timing,
Wondering when I actually will open my eyes to see.....

I know rain, she has send you.....
to give me the feel of her presence
amidst all beautiful illusions that exists,
to turn me blind in every essence,
Her midas touch will make me see one day,
She knows right time is yet to set,
but it is not far away....,

She looks calmly down the valley,
with her eyes, laced with the Kohl,
her long hair falling over her shoulders,
like a black cascade,
with a smile that reaches her eyes,
and trembling lips assuring her,
wait is over.......

I have to find the way to you now,
Cant lose you for anything or anyone,
You kept your promise,
Our friend rain, washed away the black clouds,
for the sun to make the hay,to show me the way.....

Ray of Hope and love keeps us going....
It has been a eventful journey all the way,
In the valley of flowers, you had a long stay,
You know it will rain when we meet,
Suddenly, I can smell a sweet aroma around,
Is that you???????
Rains comes down,touches my eyes..I can see,
I know its you....
You turn around, I know for sure its you.....
I have known that smile, that can enlighten lives of million,
Cant miss your eyes, that has a story to tell,
My heart start skips a beat...
Soul filled with ecstasy,
Am I living a fantasy!!!!

I dont know if I am awake or sleeping,
Living a beautiful dream, or dreaming a fairy tale,
The grass beneath is soft, and can hear the bees swarming,
Can see your eyes,brimming with love....smiling!!!!

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  1. Why does it seem more beautiful...every time I read it again :)