Sunday, March 15, 2015

One Night @Mumbai

I truly believe that our life is an aggregation of short stories; each has its tender and memorable moments, few up and down before the dust eventually settles. Probably it’s all about making those moments count.

It was a Friday last year in Mumbai, when my sister had visited me from Singapore and incidentally my best friend and her brother was in town too for some work. Incidentally all of them had planned to stay put at my place. While my friend and her brother were already home, I had to pick up my sister from hotel on my way back from office. Thereon we had planned for a gala evening.

All happy and excited, as scheduled, picked up my sister on way home only to realize that my sister has accidentally dropped her wallet in the cab which had not only her cash and credit cards but also her passport. Panic settled in immediately as we tried to figure out our next actionable. Thankfully my friend first calmed us down and we planned our move. While my sister started calling the call centre to block the card, I and my friend went to trace the cab which we had taken outside a famous hotel. There was an underlying belied and optimism that kept us going. When we were busy in the hotel lobby figuring out the cab, we were in for a pleasant surprise.

The cab driver had called my sister in the international number and informed about the bag. We were completely won over by his gesture and we co-ordinated with him to get the bag. We profusely thanked him and my sister handed over some cash to him though being a gentleman he was reluctant to take his award. I realized in the last three hours, what it meant to be together and fighting out a crisis- Had my friend and her brother not there with us all along supporting in the best possible manner or in a larger universe the cab driver or even the hotel staff, all together made this happy ending possible. That day gave me a great sense of optimism that humanity exists and how.

Once we collected our belongings, there was a huge sigh of relief. It was around ten at night. But then Mumbai is the city that never sleeps. Party had only begun for us. We decided to feed our hungry tummies first – since we all opined to have some local food, we went to a food joint that served Street food as well. Next what followed was our over indulgence in a motley mix of delightful spicy dishes. Each one of us something different and by sharing made it into a grand meal. We all stayed at some point of time in Delhi, hence recalled our old days and its sweet memories while ravishing the Chaat and the Golguppahs.

Our appetite being full, next we headed to a pub nearby to just enjoy good music, let our hair down and dance like there is no tomorrow. Next one hour ensured that we had completely distressed ourselves and was completely in the party mood – clicking crazy pictures, thanks to another couple of friends joining us. We had a gala time and when our feet could barely move, we decided to come out. Out in the open, a nice breeze blowing from the sea side, we could not prevent ourselves from walking down to the Marine drive. The silence of the night perfectly complemented the weather and the best thing that happened post the music. That day I realized, be it moments of joy or crisis, what makes the difference is being together and not being alone. Feeling loved and being cared for. By the time, we headed home in the wee hours of night, the memories of the night was already etched in my mind forever.

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