Tuesday, March 10, 2015

#StartaNewLife : Of Hope and Dreams

Sometimes the boldest decisions of our lives come at a time when we are shattered, hopeless and nothing more to lose – at least in our mind. Such phase came in my life not once but twice – where it appeared to me as point of no return.

First, way back in the early 2000, when despite getting through and successfully completing 2 semesters of my post grads I had to drop out of my studies due to unavoidable situations. Future looked completely bleak. I had almost given up on my life. Never before had I stepped out of my house. But it was now or never. Mind had almost surrendered but heart was ready to give one last fight. Pulled up all my might to study and sat for this exam. Not only cleared the exam and MBA college interview, here I was in the heart of India, its capital Delhi.

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Delhi brought a new enthusiasm with it in my life. I was ready to embrace it. New place, new people and for the first time was experiencing a hostel life – mixed emotion of anxiety and excitement had overwhelmed me. I was stepping into a new life, away from home. For the first time, the protective child in me had to be let gone and independent sensible individual had to step in. Good thing about B Schools is that it gives very limited time for you to think and ponder on. From new classes to ragging to making friends to hostel food to team projects, new life was alive and kicking in full flow. Time just passed by. The biggest asset my stay in Delhi and that education in that campus gave me beside great friendship, was confidence and to face any situation whatsoever. Once I stepped out of that campus 2 years after, there wasn't any looking back.

My second transition was when I made my move to the city of dreams – Bombay, now Mumbai. It was that point of life, when pessimism was back in my life – even as I kept wondering where I went wrong in my efforts that rewards stayed away from me. Angry, hurt and disillusioned – I would have none. No logic, no counselling could help my cause. The office where I shared so many good moments had turned into a mess for me overnight. All I knew was that it was point of no return for me and I just could not go back to that office and its people any more.

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A new city and new life was ready to embrace me. My close friends were left behind. Honestly did not know, if I was happy or sad. Just went with the flow hoping life had saved the best for me. Found a new home and nice people. Missed my old life but probably it was the hope of something fruitful something better kept me going. It’s been 5 monsoons since then in Mumbai – the rains, the heat, the traffic, the crowd and the pace; everything has been part of me and I, a part of it. Inseparable.

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