Thursday, March 5, 2015

Bring it On - With Smile and Grit !!!!!

In a day when the documentary film, which deep dives into the mindset of rapist and talks about the sickening male mindset that is widely prevalent in India – is bound to bring instant gloominess and pessimism, it is important that we don't give up hope. Women just does not fight rape, the biggest battle they have to fight and probably by large we as a society is against the mindset that doesn't consider them as equal, which is ingrained in a boy right from his growing years. In a country where the struggle for a girl begin right from their mother womb to fighting for their basic constitutional rights, it is important to let the world know the stories of Hope as well.

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My first story is of a very charming educated working girl, well settled in the plush city of Mumbai. Looking at her from a distance, one would feel envy of her – life seems to be perfect and world seems to running behind her. At a closer look, she is fighting her own demons – fighting to do well in her job, fighting to keep a work-life balance and in a desperate attempt to keep everyone happy, probably losing the battle. Over cup of tea, in a lazy afternoon, she casually mentions with a smile that “I know my boss wants me out at any cost”. At almost in the same breath, she also mentions that she will work on her weak areas and fight it out, and  not call it quits come what may. There is an amazing grit and determination I love about her. A  belief that probably someday she would be able to change the pre-conceived mindset about her. One workstation in our office, which probably burns midnight oil, each day, is probably hers. Yet there is a smile and sparkle in her eyes that is unmissable. Amidst the hustle bustle of her daily struggle, she reminds me that she has a date with her dreams to keep as well- to start up a new venture of her own. Wow, suddenly I feel so much better – suddenly my own dreams of becoming a serious writer come alive.

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Talking about alive, how can one forget this friend of mine – Full of life, infusing energy in each moment of her life and ours too, with a confidence unmatched. Yet her world came crushing down – few months back when she was detected with cancer. Shocked, angry and depressed, with a lot of apprehension, not knowing what to say, called her up. I was pleasantly surprised by the composure in her voice, when she in a restrained voice  informed me about it. Instead of me reassuring her, it was she who was reassuring me that everything would be fine. She spoke valiantly how she will go any end and come out winner. And she literally did and still doing. Saw her running pillar to post, ensuring she did everything right and much more to win the battle against cancer. Was it easy – No. There was umpteen sacrifices, including giving up her entire lifestyle. Not for a day I saw gloom in her eyes. May be she had her days when she would have wept in her room; at least she did not let the world know. 

I read somewhere which is so true-  in the sunny days, we can all shine, but it’s in the rainy day, when there is no hope, one has to stand up to be the hope people are looking for. These girls are the brightest example of that. I feel humbled by their stories. Not only their stories are inspiring but also bring out much needed hope and optimism this world needs.
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